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law and disorder louis theroux Browse more videos. 1:02. * Law and Disorder in Philadelphia * Louis Theroux, the BEEB * uploaded by bsanandaATyahooDOTcom * globalcooperativeforumDOTnet BANG Showbiz. Directed by Paddy Wivell. Follow. Louis Theroux is op een gevaarlijke missie in Philadelphia, één van de meest criminele steden van Amerika. Law and Disorder in Philadelphia. Audio: ID : 1: Format : AC-3: Format/Info : Audio Coding 3: Commercial name : Dolby Digital: Codec ID : 2000: Duration : 58 min 45 s: Bit rate mode : Constant: Bit rate : Waarom heeft Philadelphia de meeste moorden, geweldsdelicten en verkrachtingen van Amerika? Louis Theroux. Louis Theroux joins the Philadelphia Police Department as they patrol the most dangerous parts of one of the most violent cities in America. Louis Theroux. Law and Disorder in Johannesburg is a Louis Theroux documentary about the crime and private security situation in Johannesburg, South Africa.Theroux travels with heavily armed private security contractors who fill a security vacuum left by the government's inability to provide adequate security via normal means, such as policing. Louis Sebastian Theroux (/ ˈ l uː i θ ə ˈ r uː /; born 20 May 1970) is a British-American documentary filmmaker, journalist, broadcaster, and author. Louis Theroux Law and Disorder in Lagos. One of the installments in the Louis Theroux Law and Disorder Series Louis Theroux. Report. Louis Theroux Law and Disorder in Lagos. NPO. 49:10. Playing next. Joe Biden - Happy Rosh Hashanah Joe Biden Wishes Jewish Americans A Happy New Year. Elizabeth Hurley bares all in 55th birthday selfie. Theroux seems to relish the challenge in his documentary on BBC2, Law and Disorder in Philadelphia.The endearingly weedy Theroux is seen bounding in and out of police cars, thrust into the frontline of … Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia By Alice Klein 29 November 2008 • 00:01 am Inside job: Louis Theroux (centre) follows Philadelphia police officers Louis Theroux travels to Johannesburg, where the residents find themselves increasingly besieged by crime as he looks at the issue of law and disorder . 2 years ago | 1.9K views.

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