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how to prune a dwarf plum tree

Since the trees are small, pruning takes little time. To avoid silver leaf disease, prune plum trees in June when they are growing strongly, do not prune in the winter. No idea how old they are as they came with the house we bought almost 2 years ago ! Pruning a nectarine tree can seem like a daunting task at first. Do not prune it in winter /spring because the risk of fungal infection is high and don't prune it in autumn because the leaves are needed by the tree to transfer nutrients to it as they die. The pruning of a newly planted tree is the same as for apples and pears. Doing so, however, is key to encouraging healthy growth. The key to avoiding this infection is to prune plum trees at the correct time of year (see below). If the tree reaches 8 feet in height, trim it such that it is only about 3 feet taller than the top branches. Sterilize your pruning equipment before the job, which will prevent the spread of infection. In the UK, the best time to prune your plum tree is in mid June 2017, never in winter when they are dormant.The reason is that pruning your plum tree when it is dormant will expose it to the risk of Silver Leaf disease and other fungal infections. Click on pests and disease in the left hand menu for a detailed description of silver leaf disease. Like Jimbo we have a Huge Plum Tree & Even bigger Damson Tree. How to Prune Nectarine Trees. Dwarf citrus trees benefit from annual pruning to shape the tree, help fruit ripen, promote maximum fullness and keep the tree healthy. A pyramid plum tree is considerably smaller than a pruned a bush, and this makes it practical to net against birds. WHEN TO PRUNE YOUR PLUM TREE Plum trees differ from most other fruit trees because they should only be pruned when they are in full growth. The Plums come in their 100's & they are so yummy. The answer to that question is simple, prune your plum tree when it's growing strongly and for established plum trees early June to mid July is the best time. Prune outdoor citrus trees in the summer to fall when the blossoms begin to develop fruit. Gardeners can prune indoor citrus trees at any time. Plums on ‘St. The Damsons hardly had any until we cut off some of the big branches now this year we have far too many to keep up with. The main purpose of pruning the Santa Rosa plum tree is to getter a better yield of plums and enable them to be harvested by hand. Julien A’ rootstocks are kept to 2.4m (8ft) and on ‘Pixy’ rootstocks to 1.8m (6ft).

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