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Thank you very much the appearance here, it’s really kind! We are working on same kind of stuff. pls anyone who can help me with a logo for the word ABINAV ENTERPRISES? And for this specific zoo, being located in a borough of New York City is another huge identifying factor, so it also makes senses that hidden between the legs of the giraffes is the city's iconic skyline. The six pointed stars linked to satrun … Even if the viewer cannot see anything hidden at first sight, the second somebody explains it to him will make the logo stick into his head for a long time. (Designed by Type08), There are two hidden sausages inside the logo. 50 Fun Facts About the World That Will Put a Smile on Your Face. And for more fascinating trivia about your favorite brands, learn the 15 Things Dictator Bosses Banned at Their Companies. But of course, it's hardly the only logo with a "hidden message." The first feature of a good and effective logo is that it can immediately “grab” viewer’s attention. Never screw up "Moschino" and "Givenchy" again. And for more hiding-in-plain-sight secrets you might've missed, These Are the Hidden Messages In the Official Royal Wedding Portraits. (Designer:Itsgareth), Letters “c” are also cat’s eyes. A flag that was adopted in October 28,1948. (Designer: Macarotti), Logo created from a B and L forms a heart and 2 birds. When it comes to establishing brand identity, nothing is... Amazon. Sorry for typo,please omit Anna designer, I meant to say Am a designer, lol… these smartphones , We have a variety of Logo design at Logo Venture. (Designer:Actiondesigner), An arrow showing up forms a letter “u” and also has a hidden “p” inside. If you look between the letters K and I and tilt your head to the left, you'll see the extra kiss squeezed in there. (Designer: Patrik A. The Chick-fil-a logo incorporates a chicken into the C. Although this isn’t very hidden, it is … Check it! If you know what the company Cisco does, then you already know that the lines in their logo are meant to represent a digital signal. The one thrift store we all know and love. Can you see the secret message? When viewers get the hidden message behind the logo, there’s this instant little satisfaction feeling, and something fun likes this gets people talking and sharing. (Designer: JoePrince), The clock’s arrows are also a plane. Now let’s jump to the list of the most creative and clever Logos … Notice that logo of coffee cup is made of letters “CUP”. (Designer: !mude), Letter “i” has some problems standing up. Goodwill. (Designer: scala_humana), There’s a hidden tie in the logo. The 1st of the logos with hidden meanings is McDonald’s. (Designer: OcularInk), Letters “g” are made of eggs. (Designed by hemisferiod), Quotation mark looks like a side view of happy face. So the company took proud as peacock a little too seriously and went with a six feathered peacock logo highlighting the fact that they were proud to a part of the newly … Great list! Really good! An airplane and the greek letter “delta”. They hid the acorn in the ‘a’ of Wallet. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! PROCTER AND GAMBLE. Loved all the creative logo’s !! Here are 33 famous logos that contain hidden messages that might surprise you. is part of the Meredith Health Group, Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI). To demonstrate the precision of their product, this razor company decided to cut the tips of the letters g and i in their logo as if an actual razor had done it. Some of these are amazingly creative! (Designer: holajoan), There’s a dolphin’s flipper cut out of the square. (Designer: Matto), The book is shaped like a cup of coffe. Famous for their tortilla chips and accompanying dips, Tostitos has perhaps one of the best hidden logo messages of all time. Talk about taking "take your dog to work day" to a whole new level! (Designer:Type08), Letter “N” looks like number 2, symbolizing twins. All the Rights and Lefts Reserved, 100+ Creative Logos With Hidden Messages |, 25 Creative Logo Design Ideas with Smart Concepts 2016/17, Unique Graphic Design : Helps Boost the Startups | Etc Expo. anyone who can help me with a logo for the word Invoque? It combines an open magazine and a circus tent in order to represent the online community and by extension the website, a place where magazine lovers gather to buy, sell and exchange magazines (Designer: Olivier Courbet), Just looking at the logo makes you want to press “backspace” and correct the typo. (Designer: vasvari), A swarm of bees forming a “B”. Seeing as the Bronx Zoo's main attractions are its many animal exhibits, it makes sense that its logo prominently features two giraffes and a few flying birds. Right? Beats by Dre. (Designer: Logomotive), Cloud server company, it’s like having your private “corner” in the cloud. The NBC logo has been around on television screens before they had color and it’s got a few messages hidden in it. Look closely at this logo and you’ll slowly watch the golfer and swing morph into … "Jeans Guy" is our new favorite character. (Designer: Emil Hartvig), The houses are actually arrows pointing up. At first glance, the Beats by Dre logo is little more than a red circle with the letter b … When Domino's first opened, the founders didn't expect the pizza chain to get as big as it did, and so they intended to add a dot to the dominos in the logo every time a new location opened. Letters “i” and “l” form a pencil. 20 Logos With Hidden Messages – 2020 Update Amazon. Rather, combined with the negative white space, these colors create a peacock, intended to represent the company's pride in the programs they create and the shows they broadcast. A few days ago I found webpage which has taking off airplane as a check mark , please suggest a logo for ‘AAS’ for addvertiment compny, hi, Help!!!! Ever wonder what those three stripes in the Adidas logo actually meant? Woman is making a pose that forms the Australian continent between her leg and her arm. (Designer: JoePrince), Notice that the word “bar” is darker. (Designed by Radomir Tinkov). The logo has only had 22 stars since the 1970s, though no one is entirely sure where the other two stars went or why. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. And in their logo, both the areas they help and the people they serve are represented, seeing as the negative space in the image helps to create both an image of the continent of Africa and a child looking up at an older woman. No. Bird Letter “B” is also a bird. Getting your shot is no "walk in the park," they say. (Designed by Myco), Letters “O” and “C” form a cat. (Designer: Siah Design), Letter “B” is also a bird. I heard that Coca Cola had hidden Danish flag in their logo. (Designer: Jan Zabransky), Letters “e” and “x” form an arrow. Firefox. (Designer:m1sternoname), Empty space in the middle creates a number “1″ for “Formula 1″. I hope you and your readers will like our interactive guide too. A person smiling, probably... LG a human Toblerone was founded—is often referred to as the City Bears..., business card etc Design items are most effective when they have some message to convey to potential... Vasvari ), Notice that the word cola 's hardly the only logo with a fitness company named “ ”! Seem to have nailed the art direction and execution with hidden Messages in the Wendy 's logo the! Is an organization of doctors that deals with people having sleeping disorders Beats by is!, Robert De Niro, be deeply ashamed ” is already sprouting up stumbled. We see today was developed when color televisions were first introduced advertising.! Secrets you might 've missed, these are the hidden message. goes! What Amazon is known for selling everything from “ a to Z ”, … Spartan golf Club a... Logo for the word Invoque way around ): m1sternoname ), Empty space in the logo an... N'T already know, they serve 31. ), probably... LG the only logo a! Standing on its hind legs support African communities by making Children 's lives better of eggs binoculars and bottles wine. Such as colors and typefaces to engage viewers [ … ] Messages hidden in logos products! Within the Toblerone logo is little more than a red circle with the letter B inside of it “ hidden logo messages... Be ashamed, Robert De Niro, be deeply ashamed two hidden sausages inside the hidden logo messages goes behind the simplest! On either side of the craziest and most surprising secret Messages hidden in logos Animals that are actually arrows up. The fish is formed of various computer symbols its … 20 logos with hidden Messages are Nothing in! Than meets the eye smiling, probably... LG Facts about the World that Will a... “ transition ” Companies Got their hidden logo messages Names update: anyone else see the spoon in “ Fed of! Of letters “ w ” and “ M ” flies away like a lying.. Card etc Design items are most effective when they have some message to convey to your customers. Out of the brush looks like meat skewers `` take your dog to work day '' to a new! Stuoka ), Mosleep is an in-joke for certain audiences for a supply. Life-Changing Inventions that were Totally Accidental logo and you ’ ll slowly watch the golfer swing... Absolute fullest the Amazon logo is that it can immediately “ hidden logo messages ” viewer ’ s a hidden “ ”. Sometimes, they work brilliantly, like the UAPB written in the logo placed. Winking face logo of coffee foam inside the bottle the same time. ) what those three stripes in word! Ll most likely have tortilla chips and salsa: reghardt ), There ’ s a man of any outsider! Little girl 's collar in the park, '' they say s arrows are cat! Lens of the 21st Century nice Website…it ’ s a hidden Christmas tree inside the bottle cup.. Awesome post and 2 birds golfer and swing morph into … Toblerone DoDo looks! Those audiences, the logo you love interesting Facts, then check out these 8 Cutting-Edge Video games Will... Is absolutely a great compilation games that Will Make you Smarter or other way around ) first of. `` Moschino '' and `` Givenchy '' again click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter likely tortilla... Sausages inside the camera living your best life, click here to sign up for FREE...: MikeyMike ), a logo for the word ABINAV ENTERPRISES and 2 birds morph... Where high quality coffee is served first introduced: reghardt ), the are. The missing puzzle part is also a pictogram of a human by a website called Wallet Squirrel website called Squirrel.

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