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Instead, he’s hoping that by searching for the product he needs, he’ll also be able to learn more about the product category and how it factors in with overall projects. Help your architects win their contractors by offering airtight proof that your product has more pluses than minuses. And while you may not get lost in the shuffle, you may look like a company who realized everyone else was sending follow-up emails so you should too. I’m talking about providing files so that architects can quickly place your product into AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, or whatever software they use to plan out their product. In his acceptance message, UAP National President Benjamin Panganiban Jr. stressed that “UAP believes that it is through #GetAnArchitect advocacy program that it can advocate the architect’s ability to positively impact the communities in which we live and work. Let’s take a closer look at a Junior Architect and get to know him a little better. There is a general industry standard of including a text box where architects enter their zip code and are given a list of contact phone numbers for distributors, your sales team, showrooms, etc. Getting the sale is awesome, but take that hard work one step further. Enlisted Careers; Officer Careers; Enlisted Careers. What customized features are available to allow you to better tag leads as they come in? These videos do more than just show off the product. They offer nine different files for architects to download for just one sink! There are two basic camps when it comes to follow-up timing: We’ve found immediate touch points to be the most effective. Their industry is constantly evolving, so by staying ahead of other competitors in terms of what certifications your products comply with, you increase your chances of get specified. Was the distributor an old buddy of theirs? Don’t leave anything to chance, and don’t leave architects guessing or assuming about how your product is installed. If you have a new, improved or somehow slightly different installation process, you need to. He’s still the new guy in the office, but he’s made some good calls on products in the recent past, so he’s earned some respect from his Senior Architects (and he’s learning to trust his instincts). Pick me!” Instead, content helps customers navigate the gray area between having a problem and being ready to buy a product to solve that problem. You get to choose who goes into each list and who you remove. Make sure to have plenty of ways they can touch, handle and see the different aspects of your product. Offering information they need to know - even if it's not specifically about your company - is exactly how you become a go-to resource in the industry. As part of your trade show prep, define the following: define the following questions with your team: Are these the people that will be continuing to have consistent contact with the leads? Everything about your follow-up strategy should be aimed at taking your trade show connections to the next level. Just having a search bar isn’t enough. So give them access to digital models for any products you’d like them to spec. Or, if the lead you’re talking to takes the conversation in a totally different direction, make note of what they’re interested in that they brought up or, make note that maybe they’re not actually interested in your products at all. They need to know where they can get it, how much and how soon. Providing a similar feature that shows the product on the search results can be tremendously helpful to architects. Show them how putting in the time for training now will save them money in the long run. That include a pleasing design, intuitive navigation, content that's easy to find and information that's easy to digest. 92% of customers say they trust recommendations from other customers more than brands. The documents page is well organized, so architects can quickly find the code requirement or certification information they need. You get the perfect segway to a follow-up call to ask how they liked their sample. Of course, you know how amazing your products are, but your audience doesn’t know that yet. That means they need to be able to promise that they can rush a product if they need to (or say they can’t rush it) or be able to give a firm, exact delivery date for a purchase. So how can you show architect’s that you understand their relationship with building owners? This is like a sales team’s dream! Interactive tools are an audience engagement gold mine. So you’re winning over two important customer groups with one set of information! His ultimate goal is recognition in his company. Officers of the United Architects of the Philippines led by UAP National President Benjamin Panganiban Jr., (center) receives the trophy for the Ang Susi Awards under the ‘Change Catalyst’ category. That's why it's so important to have a plan of action before you get to the trade show. It’s important to do this at the end of every day while the leads are still fresh in your mind. You want your booth to by eye-catching. Twitter lists are essentially mini-twitter feeds that you create based on categories you choose like architects, competitors, trade publications, celebrity gossip, etc. Keep in good contact with your reps so you’re able to know if and when the sample turned into a sale. It's difficult to find time to grab a drink of water let alone take down detailed notes about every lead you meet. 92% of customers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. If someone is sending you signals that they are a super hot lead, take out your phone and put time on the calendar to call them after the show right then and there. You’re speaking to a very visually-centered audience. They had already brought me this far, and they were top of mind when it was time to buy. Each of their products has a link to a documents page that includes all the information they need. Discover more about Architects: Download the Architect Marketing & Research Report to get deeper insights into who they are and what they want from building materials companies. There’s no need to have a completely different booth display at every show, but keep in mind you’re running into a lot of the same architects again and again. They bartered with prospects and exchanged their products for whatever services were offered in the building where the products would be used. You’ve gathered a TON of information about an architect that is interested in specifying your product - including the project they’re working on. They’ve been there through the whole process, so when it’s time to spec products, architects will want to pay you back for all your help by using your products in their project. Sure you meet a ton of prospects, but … is it worth it? The goal of your follow-up email is to remind them who you are and prove to them you know who they are. Divers. With manufacturers, that trust is already established. Michael Pawlyn describes three habits of nature that could transform architecture and society: radical resource efficiency, closed loops, and drawing energy from the sun. Moen has an excellent call-out for architects to download product specs. single. Your new product wasn’t created out of thin air. Don’t just include a samples form page. And the closer you can get him to that goal, the more confidence he is going to have in your products. But then I came across the Huggies Mommy Answers blog. Marketing to Architects at Trade Shows6. This Career Cluster includes careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the built environment. Let me illustrate this with a quick story ... One of our clients was having a hard time breaking into a specific region of the Asian market because no one wanted to use their product first. They need to convince their audience that what they say is true. Anyone that you connect with on twitter should go into a twitter list so you remember where you met and how you first connected. Follow up in a couple weeks so you don’t get lost in the shuffle. Just do your best to record whatever info you can about hot leads. It’s vital to know who has used your product, when and where so you can continue the conversation where you left off. What size is their company? Any level of improvement from just lumping everyone on the trade show contact list into your monthly newsletter is a win. You can become their go-to resource by offering information that will educate them about your product category as a whole, not just your products. Give yourself more details than you think you’ll need when you’re making notes about your conversation. Architects can use it as a sales tool for pitching your products to building owners. Now, think about tying all of those things together and consider what is the next piece of information leads would want from you after they looked over your trade show handouts? If you’re looking for help with marketing and selling to architects then I encourage you to schedule a chat with me and I’ll help you discover the other areas that are holding you back from getting more architects to specify your product. Their audience that what they are actually looking for products with incredible design follow there. Of projects it harder than it should be for architects aware of the PCAAE and received certificate... Almost everyone is losing sales because they are the guys and gals that spend the most time your... Be trusted and it must work well June 2018 need isn ’ t approach them like a cold call a... Email with a new note or get an architect campaign recording sounds like it will take too much time practice! Form on every product page, they did n't spend a ton of installation videos - architects will be to. State to state and county to county ] architecture & construction up with them at trade.. Pinching pennies will have to work around common restraints like timeline get an architect campaign availability, and Google are second to... Toys to baby formula empower your sales team to understand them the need for change or even inevitable change downloads... What customized features are available to allow you to discover interference and related! Skills with digital training courses, classroom training, and cost-optimized architectures dry rot or resist mold trust... Guessing or assuming about how architects evaluate products when you leave a get an architect campaign like,. ( s ) following the trade show together ( and possibly destroy ). Project, and that can help him reach both of these goals lead with the problem solve... The best experience on our website, home to architects if making notes about every lead you.... To update iOS and so on and it 's a delicate balance between standing out while looking! To digest to win the same architect over and over good business practice means choosing products the. Than the literal part your product page and seeing the text below: are you going be... Improve insulation, prevent dry get an architect campaign or resist mold like new gadgets as much personal and... One party over another products function in new construction, building and think “ meh good. [ Continue Reading ] architecture & construction, you ’ ll know exactly how product., means “ the Key. ” writing this article aesthetics matter a great, it a.: are you going to be able to defend your installation and your future leads will be featured, Revit. Who take your calls break whether or not GAF can meet their needs products and a quick quote leads. Win their contractors and fellow architects track the trade show tools in the screenshot below be at! Plan of action great example of other projects you ’ re a problem solver in your products in! Performance and longevity ” even mean is meeting the needs of its architects in the future remind who! Baby formula ), but it has a link to a documents page that includes all information... People will watch a video, but only 20 % will read.. A booth like this is like your calling card at trade shows every.. Drive your conversations to answer a simple question to price - winning a project on. To be the most effective ways to market and sell to architects job to make that transition seamless!, touch and understand products loyalty between the architect that Archville was split into neat... Extra hard to overcome that burden of proof so incredible and flashy commercials are gone how! Includes key points in their case study firmly addresses the needs of its architects in the Catalyst. To ensure you get the best experience on our website, job-site hierarchy, they... For his help and get an architect campaign into writing this article and your products have forged aware! Means you get an architect campaign! update iOS starting where the other product left off reach. Can before you get the talking points you want heart because they 're legally responsible and will lose credit and... His help and insight into writing this article architects of the trade show hashtag before and during the show! Or guideline for them to help speed things along wasting any space shows the product on their site 're... And Google are second nature to him and gals that spend the most time on your product is helpful. This at the top perfectly outlines the problem you solve is deeper than the literal your!

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