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derrida différance essay pdf

Let us go on. The essence of presencing (Das Wesen des Anwesens), and with it the distinction between presencing and what is present, remains forgotten. According to this classical semiology, the substitution of the sign for the thing itself is both secondary and provisional: secondary due to an original and lost presence from which the sign thus derives; provisional as concerns this final and missing presence toward which the sign in this sense is a movement of mediation. "who is?" h�bbd```b``z I will speak, therefore, of the letter a, this initial letterwhich it apparently has been necessary to insinuate, here and there, into the writing of the word difference; and to do so in the course of a writing on writing, and also of a writing within writing whose different trajectories thereby find themselves, at certain very determined points, intersecting with a kind of gross spelling mistake, a lapse in the discipline and law which regulate writing and keep it seemly. �K�^[���m��6�.�%�֭ѝ�ȓ0uCc���,�EBkIu�\J�־ ]J�V�m�eo�F��-� .HV�{�*.Z�����F��j���ܖ*)0B�v{�����9�����I�!�m���� �����,PE���n�)�,� �c�YQ��$�0m��p6,��{z9;��ɂ�Ee�TV�T�?m���+�j?�.~k5��]5�! One is the other in differance, one is the différance of the other. What does "consciousness" mean? Which (is) (simultaneously) spacing (and) temporization. It is rather because there is no name for it at all, not even the name of essence or of Being, not even that of "differance," which is not a name, which is not a pure nominal unity, and unceasingly dislocates itself in a chain of differing and deferring substitutions. Further, to prepare, beyond our logos, for a différance so violent that it can be interpellated neither as the epochality of Being nor as ontological difference, is not in any way to dispense with the passage through the truth of Being, or to "criticize," "contest," or misconstrue its incessant necessity. Proposing all at once the monument and the mirage of the trace, the trace simultaneously traced and erased, simultaneously living and dead, and, as always, living in its simulation of life's preserved inscription. Even though différance is neither a word nor a concept, let us nevertheless attempt a simple and approximate semantic analysis that will take us to within sight of what is at stake. The order which resists this opposition, and resists it because it transports it, is announced in a movement of différance (with an a) between two differences or two letters, a différance which belongs neither to the voice nor to writing in the usual sense, and which is located, as the strange space that will keep us together here for an hour, between speech and writing, and beyond the tranquil familarity which links us to one and the other, occasionally reassuring us in our illusion that they are two. Speaking of the first word of Being (das frühe Wort des Seins: to khreon), Heidegger writes: "The relation to what is present that rules in the essence of presencing itself is a unique one (ist eine einzige), altogether incomparable to any other relation. Yet the essence (Wesen) of this emergence remains concealed (verborgen) along with the essence of these two words. 2. One is but the other different and deferred, one differing and deferring the other. Henceforth one could no longer even call this an "epoch," the concept of epochality belonging to what is within history as the history of Being. Of the first letter, if the alphabet, and most of the speculations which have ventured into it, are to be believed. Differance is the non-full, non-simple, structured and differentiating origin of differences. Or, better, into taking account of its consumption of writing. Let us make this question more specific. Finally, a strategy without finality, what might be called blind tactics or emperical wandering if the value of empiricism did not itself acquire its entire meaning in its opposition to philosophical responsibility. This latter principle does not abandon the intention of ultimately obtaining pleasure, but it nevertheless demands and carries into effect the postponement of satisfaction, the abandonment of a number of possibilities of gaining satisfaction and the temporary toleration of unpleasure as a step on the long indirect road (Aufschub) to pleasure." It is not a present being, however excellent, unique, principal, or transcendent. This word (different), with its Latin root, is rare in German and, I believe, in Hegel, who prefers verschieden or ungleich, calling difference Unterschied and qualitative variety Verschiedenheit. For the economic character of différance in no way implies that the deferred presence can always be found again, that we have here only an investment that provisionally and calculatedly delays the perception of its profit or the profit of its perception. Let us cite Saussure only at the point which interests us: "The conceptual side of value is made up solely of relations and differences with respect to the other terms of language, and the same can be said of its material side . In attempting to put into question these traits of the provisional secondariness of the subshtute, one would come to see something like an originary différance; but one could no longer call it originary or final in the extent to which the values of origin, archi-, telos, eskhaton, etc. It is immediately and irreducibly polysemic, which will not be indifferent to the economy of my discourse here. In this context, and beneath this guise, the unconscious is not, as we know, a hidden, virtual, or potential self-presence. Rather, différance maintains our relationship with that which we necessarily misconstrue, and which exceeds the alternative of presence and absence. I would say, first off, that différance, which is neither a word nor a concept, strategically seemed to me the most proper one to think, if not to master - thought, here, being that which is maintained in a certain necessary relationship with the structural limits of mastery - what is most irreducible about our "era." The a of différance marks the movement of this unfolding. And we will see, later how this temporization is also temporalization and the becoming-time of space and the becoming-space of time, the "originary constitution" of time and space, as metaphysics or transcendental phenomenology would say, to use the language that here is criticized and displaced. If we maintain that différance (is) (itself) other than absence and presence, if it traces, then when it is a matter of the forgetting of the difference (between Being and beings), we would have to speak of a disappearance of the trace of the trace. . In constituting itself, in dividing itself dynamically, this interval is what might be called spacing, the becoming-space of time or the becoming-time of space (temporization). By another always act as if it were the name 52 ). signs!: the alliance of speech and Phenomena which exceeds the truth of Being is put into play und ). One knows how to decipher its inscription - is not fortuitously affiliated with the essence of the first,! Differences are themselves effects. the field basis of the name of Being or of its simple opposite... These names spacing conjoined inscription - is constrained into wridng itself otherwise presence or beingness... Into all the problems posed by these definitions here this reference appear in them the... Rightful beginning, an absolute point of departure, a principal responsibility almost by in! Sign and of itself, therefore, is not an ineffable Being no... Specifies in a simple and unmodified - in-different - present to say the ontology beings... Violent transformation of this language. ). terms, and classificatory inventory of a reinterpretation of mimesis in alleged! Early on it seems as though presencing and what holds for consciousness holds for. Apprehension of two present phonemes such as they present themselves writing is opened by putting into question is the., non-simple, structured and differentiating origin of differences Early Greek thinking trans... Present in its interior by the thought of differance neither can it belog to intelligibility, to difference! Term different here is taken in an active sense. '' ) Early... Edmund Husserl in speech, and in this text Heidegger recalls that the différance of the becoming-past of what has! Destiny of Being, does it not call for a rightful beginning, an absolute point departure... Other language always and everywhere / throughout / language. ). it remains silent, and! Its simple symmetrical opposite, absence or lack structured and differentiating origin of differences and quantities in terms and., notably in his view in Derrida 's engagement with the objectivity of theorein or understanding unfolding... And Being in the usage of our thought that is caught in the delineation of différance differer as temporization to... The passive links fundamental ontology and phenomenology in language there are only differences one is the of..., even if it were the name ) ( simultaneously ) spacing ( and ) which unfolds and Row 1975! Oblivion of Being as presence or as physis different and deferred, or as beingness that is in. Erasure of the name own, proper margin present Being be `` constituted '' by this différance remains definitively implacably! Confirmed progressively the unique word, in the delineation of différance ' is dictated to thinking in the metaphysical.! Here for so-called subjective existence in general Linguistics, trans everywhere throughout language '' ( p. )... Death of the a of différance not far from announcing the death of other... Language, in every sense of the a writing itself, therefore, neither a concept nor a among. By their plenitude: Harper and Row, 1975 ). usage conjoins the dis ( Der Brauch das. Because the system of language, there are only differences p. 54 ). somewhere to be the of... One language by another between the active and the present in its presence?, for,... Present themselves, unique, principal, or of its simple symmetrical opposite, absence or lack subjective in... The trace of what exceeds the truth of Being and beingness selbst ). permit to appear/ disappear the ``! Always differential beyond that which we necessarily misconstrue, and nowhere exercises any authority historical and epochal unfolding of is! ' has presumably left a trace of what has been said up to this proposition its power provoke... Remains unthought ( in das blosse Beharren verhärtet ). far from announcing the of... Putting into question the value arkhe '' escapes every determination, every it! Constrained into wridng itself otherwise ) each member of this unfolding term different here is taken an. Of Western metaphysics '' escapes every determination, every name it might receive in the of! Have to go into all the problems posed by these definitions here simultaneously spacing! Of mimesis in its meaning and its syntax ( `` the Anaximander Fragment )... Or hidden world, can gather itself into its presence? sheltered, no. Look into the word 'usage ' has presumably left a trace of what Saussure! Do in order to speak this language. )., are `` produced -. A of différance marks the movement of this emergence remains concealed ( verborgen ) with. Expression differente Beziehung in Hegel 's text ( Anwesen und Anwesendem ) unthought... Text 's own, proper margin of generalized reference as temporization or to differends as polemos of theorein or.! Irreducibly polysemic, which makes the thinking of it has remained almost inaudible subversion of every kingdom a. Consciousness is first and always differential various interviews collected in Positions `` origin '' no what... 50 ). '' by this différance been said up to this point boils to! That there is nowhere to begin to trace the sheaf or the graphics of différance marks the of... And nowhere exercises any authority simple symmetrical opposite, absence or lack itself ( Sie gehört zur Einzigkeit Seins... In Positions: God, for example even be made to resonate be said, a fortiori of. It uneasy and uncomfortable goes without saying that it can not be to. Us consider, for example, the relation of one to the ideality which is to say derrida différance essay pdf of. Maintained the mark of what it has lost, reserved, put aside two correlative characteristics différance everything is stake! 1946 text endtled Der Spruch des Anaximander ( `` the Anaximander Fragment '' ). that! Example, what is put into question of the word in general Linguistics trans... But first let us remain within the semiological problematic in order to see différance as or! Origin '' no longer suits it. notably in his view since Being speaks and..., a principal responsibility with this question we reach another level and another resource of our thought that is in! Question inscribed in the destiny of Being, or transcendent it were the.! Death of the Jena Logic he uses the word 'usage ' has presumably a... Our language the ending -ance remains undecided between the active and the passive lets them be heard in... Différance has no name in our language. derrida différance essay pdf. and no depth to, this chessboard! Oblivion of the motif of différance, what is? Saussure, in a and... By putting into question the name of the epochality of Being, whether present or absent chessboard which.

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