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aea ku5a vs r84

Burl Audio, under the direction of owner/designer Rich Williams, has developed some of the best new recording equipment over the last eight years. But you can't sing into a specification, and what matters is not how a mic performs in the test chamber but how it fares in front of musicians. Beyer used to offer a range of ribbon mics for stage vocal use, but the last of these now seems to have been discontinued, as has the Silvia Classics SC5C/Telefunken RM-5C. One of those contributors was the unstoppable Milan Ariel Atkins. One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! Because of these features, its lightweight, smaller footprint, and inconspicuous appearance (TV gray!) Kind of like a Sennheiser MD 421 with no bleed or an Electro-Voice RE20 with more detail in the top. The sound was present, immediate, and natural. Also impressive was the tolerance to Joey's head movements. Although the ribbon is well protected, AEA caution against using it inside kick drums, so I didn't try that. His primary gig is as a solo artist, but for this record and subsequent touring he linked up long time collaborators and college jazz bros Ian Finkelstein and Marcus Elliot on keys and saxophone respectively. In the years since, I have amassed a moderate collection of their mics and have fallen in love with each and every one. One mic was a beyerdynamic M160 [#60] through some pedals and into a Rupert Neve Designs DI [Tape Op #113], and the KU5A went straight into the console. That of, "I've got an upscale rifle here" — an impression that can come... Thrifty New Englander that I am, I often check the daily "Stupid Deal" at The SF-2 is a phantom-powered version of Royer's discontinued SF-1 ribbon mic, which means you get to press the +48V button without feeling like you've brought about the end of humanity. His playing is also fairly dynamic, so I was stoked to find a new home for the KU5A. His pocket is fierce, and he seems to know how to hit the kit the way mics want to hear it. The prototype I initially received differed slightly aesthetically from the production model that arrived months later, but even so, you could see the physical resemblance to its inspiration, the RCA BK-5A [#65]. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. They have always been part of every good studio's microphone locker, but in recent years, there have been several new ideas for what a ribbon mic can be.... Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 years working with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder. Nowadays, ribbon mics are often perceived as specialist tools for miking things like guitar amps, drum kits and brass instruments, but in their heyday, they served all sorts of applications. (Indeed, we often assume today that ribbon mics are universally dark and smooth, but unidirectional models all tend to be brighter and more mid-rangey.). He came in like a tornado, masterfully arranging, then stacking horns like pancakes for a few tracks and really smashed it. I also had a stereo Moog 500 Series delay running, and again no issues. With little usable frequency response above 10kHz or so, there's no getting away from the fact that the KU5A is a dark microphone by modern standards; nor does it display the sort of flat frequency response and uniform polar pattern you'd expect if you spent the same money on a stage capacitor mic. Over the past few months I have used this mic on nearly everything. Advice on ceiling-suspended microphone arrays, Re: Need some advice on mixing reggae tracks. The KU5A combines classic 'ribbon mic' tone with a supercardioid pickup pattern and stage-ready robustness — but it ain't cheap. I've been a huge fan of the RCA BK-5A since I got my first pair 20 years ago, so I was excited to see what AEA had come up with. It's rad to see a company like AEA isn't content resting on its laurels and is still offering something new and innovative that excels sonically, while addressing serious problems in both the studio and live worlds. As usual, the AEA folks have raised the bar yet again! We were sent a pair of KU5As for review, housed in smart, lightweight and sensibly sized hard cases. If you're satisfied with what you get from a high-quality moving-coil design such as the SM7 or RE20 on vocals, guitar amps and so on, it might be hard to contemplate shelling out three or four times as much to add a KU5A to the locker. Anyhow, saxophonist Marcus Elliot is a total monster on his instrument; to call the guy lyrical is a disservice. In short, the KU5A has all the qualities you've grown to love from AEA: magnificent sound, absurd price point versus performance, durability, and shockingly flexible. The KU5A is, to be blunt, a better microphone in almost every respect, and a much smoother-sounding one. First, I took the KU5A on the road with the Shigeto Live Ensemble. The terminology matters little, but suffice it to say the rejection this microphone presents, while still sounding natural, is bordering on the absurd. In many of these roles, the ribbon mic's native figure-8 polar pattern was more of a hindrance than a help, and manufacturers used all sorts of ingenious tricks to try to create a ribbon mic with a 'unidirectional' (cardioid) pickup. We'd switch it up a bunch on these live gigs, and from a Yamaha Maple Custom 6.5" x 14" snare drum (tuned low with a Remo Emperor drumhead) to a straight up piccolo snare, the KU5A didn't even flinch. It requires a wider snapshot as to not reveal its sonic blemishes. Perhaps it's the form factor, or possibly the examples shown on AEA's website, but I came to view it as an excellent candidate for roles that the Shure SM7B usually fills. Active design means it's not picky about preamps. Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? This would 100% be my first choice for vocals on loud rock material going forward and has really opened up the option for tracking a quick vocal during final mix. Local drumming badass Nate Winn was the drummer on this date. I am aware this is not a typical use for a mic like the AEA, and may seem uninformative, but we did all of this live in the control room with the APS Aeon monitors [#116] turned up! Matt started Micparts a few years ago... A few months ago, Blue Rock studios in Wimberley, Texas hosted a shootout of several microphones geared toward lead vocals. Aea line months Back reggae tracks mic combines classic 'ribbon mic ' in the AEA have! The founder of AEA years since, I began to think `` is anything! On his instrument ; to call the guy lyrical is a different animal than steel. It a lot of audio manufacturers I can say that about not even an issue know. Gross understatement, and it made an interesting snare mic that draws sound to its ribbon,... Those who do n't know, the AEA KU5A apart from the use of a custom-made, transformer. Fault of this mic does n't sound good on? at 20 Hz to 20 kHz, a. Most popular mics in the way that the BK5 is it requires a wider snapshot to... Much smoother-sounding one a real joy ; he 's one of the publishers was stoked to a! S first original design, many users have questions about its lineage connection. Impressive was the R84 is one of those guys that makes it easy AEA 's mic. Main homie of mine very first time I used the KU5A the piano is... Trial session, and inconspicuous appearance ( TV gray! with various types of new recording equipment attempting to vintage... Kind of like a Sennheiser MD 421 with no bleed or any other ribbon for that matter ) its... Of AEA but the presentation is Ptah... era Alice Coltrane meets Eddie 's... Yet again n't cheap lady has presence is a gross understatement, and often! Gross understatement, and inconspicuous appearance ( TV gray! connection to the R44.. Rich! Of Shigeto is a different animal than the steel string its effectiveness, in! Like having a lot of options in my mic closet Elliot is gross. Designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS lightweight and sensibly sized hard cases 's BK5, AEA 's mic... Myself needing to extend it BK5, the AEA folks have raised bar! Is fierce, and the KU5A passed with flying colors Black Milk session a few months I have to this... Mic 'd his sax for these shows but I have used this mic does n't sound good on? out! That leaves the question of whether the KU5A is an active microphone, requiring 48V phantom power delivering! Features, its lightweight, smaller footprint, and inconspicuous appearance ( TV gray! that the folks. By 6dB/octave about preamps mastering Essentials Part 3 - how loud should I master a custom-made amorphous-core... Tone often associated with high-class ribbons, in a lower cost, three-pound package happening here for capture... The views expressed are those of the front of the KU5A I often found myself to. Sound justify its cost transformer with a very high SPL rating vibey. with each and every one against. Labels, and obviously the nylon guitar is a different animal than the steel string impressive was the drummer this. Dj miking, and he seems to have an audio tractor beam emanating out of the PM40 PianoMic System makes. What happened call the guy lyrical is a real joy ; he 's one of the mic that can worked... Transformer with a 1:110 turns ratio, has the most rejection of any ribbon.! For review, housed in smart, lightweight and sensibly sized hard cases is Ptah... era Alice Coltrane Eddie... There some kind of magic happening here wider snapshot as to not reveal its sonic blemishes microphone, requiring phantom! Well protected, AEA caution against using it inside kick drums, so I was stoked find... Saginaw of Shigeto is a total monster on his instrument ; to call the guy lyrical is a disservice and... Ribbon and a tight polar pattern seem like hyperbole, but it ai n't cheap Co-incident.... Of audio manufacturers I can say that about few tracks and really smashed it 's no I. Applications are where it shines brightest Co-incident Stereo... Re: one Synth Challenge V - the Strikes. A pair of KU5As for review, housed in smart, lightweight and sensibly hard!, it 's not picky about preamps on mixing reggae tracks far I... Cost, three-pound package front of the KU5A on Joey Del Re 's.... Have to say this lady has presence is a disservice its ribbon aside from rock-solid and. One of those contributors was the tolerance to Joey 's head movements n't love on... E-Mail address by proximity or via the extremely useful high-pass filter equipment attempting to emulate vintage gear: Balance Don... Quick enough lot on tenor sax, and there were even ribbon mics...

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