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mtg modern burn strategy

Get used to it: Burn is Modern’s premiere aggro deck. In Magic: The Gathering, one of the quickest strategies within the Modern format is Burn.These decks can be hard to go up against, but sideboard cards can help keep them in check. A variety of decks make up the Modern meta of Magic: The Gathering, with some of the slower control builds like Esper or combo decks like Scapeshift having strong representation. The deck is a combo deck that doesn’t have a combo: its “combo” is counting to 20 quickly and efficiently. The first versions of Burn in Modern seemed horrible. It has bounced between tier 1 and tier 2 for almost the entirety of the format, finally cementing itself as a tier 1 strategy as of late on the backs of new additions from recent sets. Although Affinity will always be Modern’s oldest and most consistently successful aggro strategy, Burn has actually raced ahead of Affinity as the aggro deck to beat in our format. As of today, Burn is the most-played deck on MTGO and the third most-played deck in paper. In many formats, such as Legacy and Modern, burn can win by turn four, with help from fetchlands, shocklands, and the occasional thoughtseize. But faster decks are available as well, such as the artifact-loving Affinity deck.The burn … Burn decks are relatively straightforward: use cheap spells like Lightning Bolt and Monastery Swiftspear to go on the offensive right away and take out all 20 of the opponent's life points ASAP. Burn in Modern has had its highs and lows. In Modern, finding a consistently faster deck is not an easy task, and Infect or Affinity might be your best bet. One of the reasons that many players choose burn is the very quick pace that burn plays at. I honestly haven’t ever played against any Burn decks that had Volcanic Hammer, Incinerate, and Flame Javelin in their main deck, but as far as tournament results go, this was the initial build..

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