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do gravity bongs get you higher

My friends and my first experience with a gravity bong was back in high school (mid-late 90s). Aside from that, you can … Not for the faint of heart or uninitiated, gravity bongs can get you higher than you've ever been, while saving you … Both pieces can get the job done, but due to the size difference bongs take the win on this one. We started smoking pot young and had been smoking pretty regularly for 2-3 years. So I started smoking a few months ago, and my first and second times were with a pipe, but every time since then I have hit GBs with my friends. It's common for people to anecdotally claim that bongs get them higher than joints or hand pipes. One giant rip of a bong can turn you into a space cadet. It worked like a charm. A kid moves to my city from San Diego, will call him Cali, and told us about gravity bongs. [Discussion] So I was wondering if gravity/ waterfall bongs really grt you higher than othrr smoking methods. I dont know mate, pull a big enough bowl from a bong and the exhale is like a god damn steam train ( choo choo ). Some people feel the best way to get high is from joints, while others prefer to get high from bongs for acclaimed health reasons. There are debates over joints and bongs. Gravity bongs are just dirty and I always end up getting resin on my lips or even teeth sometimes. Try taking bigger hits out of the bong, garuntee you will get much much higher from the bong than a one hitter. Its straight 12-inch tube provides users with a huge amount of volume which can be filled up with a lot of milky smoke. Debates within the smoke community claim that smoking from a bong traps about 90% of potential … Discussion. Photo: @Dankgeek The High Rise Gravity Bong is an easy to use, easy to smoke with gravity bong. This thing will get you higher than you could ever imagine. Gravity bongs are popular among smokers looking for a large hit of cannabis all at once. What we love: 13.5 inches tall Gravity bong Made with strong glass (borosilicate) Has a gravity bong bowl Affordable The High Rise Gravity Bong - $329.99 Rise to new levels with the High Rise. At the end of the day, all Stoners really care about is which piece gets the job done better. Many a high school smoker has built a gravity bong on the back porch to get stupid high on some mid-grade marijuana, but whatever contraption you … The gravity bong you see here took me less than five minutes to make and cost me a grand total of zero dollars (the soda bottle was in the recycling). The 12″ Grav® Straight Base bong is a serious tool. Why not buy a gravity bong that’s as unique as you? Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Gravity bongs can be wrecking balls if you champion the full two liters of smoke. If you didn't get that high, you did it wrong. Which Gets You Higher: Bongs or Bowls? Cali said he could throw one together for us to …

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