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american beech tree facts

The beech tree is a sturdy and imposing tree with a short trunk and wide-spreading crown. The copper beech is an ornamental tree cultivated from the European beech. American Beech Tree Information. The American beech can live for three hundred to four hundred years and can reach heights of eighty feet and diameters in excess of three feet. They are produced in spring shortly after the new leaves appear. The result of these traits is that the tree casts such dense shade that little will grow under it. American beech is a "strikingly handsome" tree with tight, smooth and skin-like light gray bark. One of the distinct parts of the tree are its leaves, which grow with strong veins and toothed edges. Beech can reach from 15 to 50 meters (50 to 164 feet) in height, depending on the species. The nuts contain lots of oil and are one of the favorite of mammals such as black bears, deer, grouse, foxes, blue jays, squirrels and chipmunks, according to t… It is used for a wide variety of purposes, most notably bentwood furniture as beech wood easily bends when steamed. Tree: Native Status: CAN N L48 N: Characteristics: Data ... – American beech Subordinate Taxa. The thin bark is smooth and steel-gray in colour. That said, the young leaves also make a lovely addition to a salad. It’s the most common recipe any beech loving forager will rush to make as soon as those baby leaves pop their heads up! American beech is most often found on moist slopes, in ravines, and atop moist hammocks. The bark is unusually smooth, grayish and as the tree matures, it maintains its smooth texture. It has a lifespan of 150 to 400 years, depending on the species. The Beech tree reminded our ancestors of the need to preserve all knowledge in writing for the benefit of future generations. Difference Between American Beech and European Beech If you are confused whether American Beech or European Beech are same, here are some features about those plants to help you choose better. Newly formed leaves are brightly green and covered with hairs. Beech bark has suffered the carver's knife through the ages. Home > Facts > Plants Facts > Beech Facts Beech is deciduous tree that belongs to the family Fagaceae. Because its copper-yellow leaves fall only when new leaves begin to sprout, the Beech advises that you make certain of your future rather than leave things to chance. Interesting facts about the Mojave Desert. Beech, also known as Fagus is a genus that includes ten species of deciduous trees, which belong to the family Fagaceae.Beech trees are native to the temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. In late winter, Beech Trees are clearly identifiable by their alternate slender bronze buds ready to develop on zigzagging twigs. Beech (Fagus) is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae. The American beech is one of the premiere shade trees of its range and one that you can add to your landscape if you have the room to grow it. Common Name(s): American Beech Scientific Name: Fagus grandifolia Distribution: Eastern United States Tree Size: 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m) trunk diameter Average Dried Weight: 45 lbs/ft 3 (720 kg/m 3) .54, .72 Since the beech tree has such delicate bark, carvings, such as lovers’ initials and other forms of graffiti, remain because the tree is unable to heal itself. Beech Tree Pictures Gallery contains many photos of American, English, European Beech Trees, facts on Beech types, we have lots beautiful Beech Tree images Saved by B. American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) The American beech is easily recognized even in dense, complex forests by its thin, smooth, light gray bark. The beautiful Beech tree, elephant-gray with light-brown buds in Winter, predicts a wonderful, budding phase for you. According to experts, the tree has a lifespan of 300-400 years. At Hendricksen Tree Care, our ISA certified arborists are ready to provide complete tree care services for Chicago area trees, including the American beech tree. These design solutions are also environmentally friendly. These nuts are also used for commercial purposes by man. Beechnuts have a high enough fat content that they can be pressed for edible oil. We can effectively diagnose and provide treatments for insect infestations and diseases , and we also offer ongoing tree care that includes fertilization, pruning , and preventative care to avoid insect infestations and disease. It’s a popular choice of wood when it comes to flooring, cabinets, toys, furniture, wooden-ware, etc. They are native to temperate Europe, Asia and North America. The tree bears flowers of both sexes, making it a monoecious plant. Little grows in the dense shade of a Beech tree but if low branches are left on the tree no ground cover or grass is needed. Is It Worth My Time to Use Natria Weed Killer? American beech is a tree that can boast that its trunk is one of its greatest assets. These nuts allow many species to store calories for winter survival. The American beech (Fagus grandifolia) lends its striking height and massive spread -- each measuring about 50 to 60 feet at maturity -- … It can also be converted into tar. Beech scale disease will also cause the tree to produce nuts with empty seed shells. It’s a medium-sized tree that grows slowly but can live for 200 years or longer. American beech trees grow to 60 to 80 feet in forest settings but the tree will not attain such heights if grown by itself in the open. Older leaves lack hairs and they are dark green in color. In the This tree prefers deep, rich, moist, and well-drained soil. GENERAL BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Beech is a large, native, deciduous tree. Fagus grandifolia, or American beech, is native to eastern North America and found throughout the state of North Carolina. Fagus grandifolia, or American beech, is native to eastern North America and found throughout the state of North Carolina. The southern and eastern parts of the United States is home to one of the most important tree species of nature, the American beech tree. Would you like to write for us? A database that provides information on more than 200 native tree and shrub species, and on almost 300 insects and 200 diseases found in Canada's forests. The beech tree produces beechnuts enclosed in prickly burs that split into four separate parts as the nut ripens in the fall to disclose two triangular half-inch-long brown nuts. Beech suckers readily, so a "mother" tree may be surrounded by dozens of its identical offspring saplings. The nuts are edible, though bitter (though not nearly as bitter as acorns) with a high tannin content, and are called beechnuts or beechmast. Facts on Beech Tree Seeds. Beech wood is an excellent firewood, easily split and burning for many hours with bright but calm flames. The American Beech reaches its greatest size growing in the alluvial soil of the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys. Facts About Copper Beech Trees. The main purpose of this substance is that of an additive. The southern beeches (Nothofagus genus) previously thought closely related to beeches, are now treated as members of a separate family, Nothofagaceae. It is part of the Betulaceae (birch) family and has several nicknames, including blue beech, muscle beech, water beech, muscletree, musclewood, and ironwood. The Jury Is Out – What’s the Best Weed Killer? The American Beech Tree grows well in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9. The tree is naturally low-branched with attractive glossy green leaves providing deep, inviting shade. It will grow on elevations up to 3,300 feet and will often be in groves in a mature forest. The tree canopy casts a heavy shade shade, and the leaves, when … Facts about the American Beech Tree Although the American beech tree is known to attain a height of approximately 100 ft, in home landscapes, it has been seen that the species rarely exceed a height of 50 ft. The leaves of beech trees are entire or sparsely toothed, from 5 to 15 cm long and 4 to 10 cm broad. European beech is a very popular ornamental tree in parks and large gardens in temperate regions of the world. Beech Tree (Fagus) is a genus of ten species of deciduous trees in the family Fagaceae, native to temperate Europe, Asia and North America. The American beech is a common tree found in the forests and woods of eastern part of … Beechnuts are shiny, triangular brown nuts that have a prickly coating. Fagus grandifolia, commonly called American beech, is native to eastern North America. The American beech tree produces its fruit, the high-calorie oily nuts, between September and November. Read about the botanical description, pros, cons, place names and wildlife rating. Many people think that these two plants have the same characteristics, but one can see American Beech and European Beech Information and learn more about it. These trees are known as purple beeches because of the color of their leaves. It has a lifespan of 150 to 400 years, depending on the species.

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