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I take time to make sure everything sounds its best when going in (to the computer). When I record the performer, I interact. I think most engineers don’t motivate their clients to perform their best. I like to make the recording sound like a glorified live performance instead of a digital performance.

– Andrew Wade

Recording / Engineering – Record your project in a comfortable and creative environment with top of the line gear and the industry standard recording software, ProTools, at Andrew’s private studio (known as the Wade Studio).

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Andrew is available to produce, record, or engineer at other studios


I like to make my mixes sound natural yet full of character and feeling. Every band has their own sound, and I believe I capture that.

– Andrew Wade

Mixing – Get your project mixed right. Don’t put all your time and money into just the recording–the mixing process is one of the most crucial parts of a record. Let Andrew breathe life into your mix.


I like to collaborate with my clients to make sure we’re all on the same page. I listen to their ideas and try to expand on them while taking a more refined and creative approach. The outcome is sometimes greater than the client had expected.

– Andrew Wade

Preproduction – Don’t go into the studio unprepared; preproduction gets your songs record-ready. Improving on melodies, harmonies, and arrangements will take your sound to a professional level.

Production – Andrew will put ‘that sound’ into your music using his experience and creativity. He’s heard numerous times that his production has transformed a song into something better than what the client had ever imagined. Andrew will also produce at other studios if desired

Studio musicians – Studio musicians are available for hire to play drums, bass, guitar, cello, or whatever you need on your project.

Music writing – Andrew will write music for your song based off of your vocal ideas using his musical expertise. Studio musicians are available if you choose to record your masterpiece with Andrew. Your song can be anything you could imagine and more!


I like keeping the integrity of the recording while also making it as loud as you want.

– Andrew Wade

Budget mastering – If you’re tight on money after spending so much on recording and/or mixing, let Andrew help you. Your mix can go from weak and muffled to bold and punchy. This type of mastering is easily comparable to pricey alternatives.