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It started more than a decade ago, on a dual cassette recorder, in his bedroom

For about 9 years, Andrew has been recording and producing music for himself and other musicians. His parents were very supportive and let him use their house, but after some time the studio grew to the point where it needed a new location. The studio had to live on. A few of Andrew’s friends believed in his studio so much that they offered their homes as a temporary place to record.

andrew_at_deskSince I couldn’t record at my house anymore, I needed a new place to put my studio. Fortunately, I knew a good friend, Philip Shorb, who would let me record at his house. He’s currently the drummer of Fireflight (Flicker Records). Well, I recorded there as long as long as I felt comfortable; I know how bothersome it can be at times to have strangers come into your house and play loud instruments all day. So after about two months, I actually moved my studio back into my parents’ house. I tried doing recordings in a different way, which was programming drums and using virtual guitar amps. I did it that way so I could keep really quiet and not bother anyone. But, I really couldn’t stand doing it like that, so I was pretty much forced to stop recording. (My) next move after that was college.

– Andrew Wade

Andrew was accepted into a limited access program at a major university to acquire a BFA in graphic design. He gave up a 100% scholarship and other great opportunities to pursue his career solely as an engineer and producer.

So, I tried the whole college thing for about a year, but things just didn’t work out. Then I remembered an offer I got a while back from my friend Scott Kauffmann. Well, I gave him a call and needless to say my studio was in (his backhouse) after only a few days. That place was crazy, but I was so excited to be there! Scott’s family used it mainly as a storage place. When I first got there, boxes were stacked all the way to the ceiling… that ceiling was 9 feet high! And of course there was hardly any room to walk. There was no bathroom, the electricity would go out if I used the air conditioner too long, there were tons of random odds and ends like a washer, dryer, a bathtub, boxes, a canoe, a freezer, and not to mention all of my recording equipment! …I sure miss that canoe!

– Andrew Wade


He’s had several offers from other studios, engineers, and investors to start a business relationship or to run another studio, but he’s remained a one-man show for years. He explains his current situation and how things worked out:

I was being released from Scott’s back-house after being there for almost a year. It was then I got a call from another local engineer/producer who wasn’t able to maintain the rent at his studio. Everything seemed to just fall into place. I moved all my equipment over there, and it’s great-I’ve been there ever since. The other guy moved his studio somewhere else and is doing well.

– Andrew Wade

Andrew’s been at his new studio location since November of 2006. He says it’s much easier to focus in such a relaxing and creative environment.