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The History

From EPs to Full-Lengths to Live Performance, The Wade Studio has a great history of professional production and recording. Check out the Studio Updates to see the latest projects completed at The Wade Studio

The Wade Studio Was Involved In These Projects And Many More

• Homesick, A Day to Remember (2009 Victory Records Release)
• Punk Goes Pop, Over My Head (The Fray cover), A Day to Remember (2009 Fearless Records Release)
• Your World on Fire, In Fear and Faith (2009 Rise Records Release)
• The Turning Point, Providence
• If You Know What I Mean, The Gallery (2008 Blue Duck Records Release)
• And their Name was Treason, A Day to Remember (2005 Indianola Release)
• Live DVD, A Day to Remember (2008 Victory Release)
• Favoring Blurred Lines, Upper Class Trash (2005 School Night Records)
• Greatest Hits, Self-titled, Ted
• The Songs of Our Lives, Glendale
• Loud and Clear, Words now Heard (2005 JMB Records)
• Poetic Chaos, A Wish For Marilynne
• A Fish Pitched up by an Angry Sea, The Dead Songwriters
• Inundame de Ti, Gilberto Zayas
• Glorify the King, Stronghold 18:2
• Cities Built on Sand EP, Versa Emerge
• The Things We’ve Built EP, Uptown Terminal
• This Old Sole, Adam’s Out
• Oh Allison EP, Ready, Charge!
• Self-titled EP, This Solemn Vow
• Self-titled EP, Caillou
• This Vision EP, Eversfield
• Till we Have Face EP, Rodeia
• Watch the Fig Tree EP, Leone